Tangled Stones
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About Me

After working in the corporate world for almost 20 years, Darla Williamson stepped off the corporate ladder to pursue her life-long love of art.  Growing up surrounded by an artistic family, she always had an artsy side to her.
  • Her mother is an artist who works in just about any medium you can imagine.
  • Her father is naturally gifted with woodworking, drawing, and restoring vintage automobiles.
  • Her brother also restores vintage automobiles.
  • She has a great aunt who is a Nashville songwriter.
  • And she has cousins who do everything from building willow furniture, to making black powder rifles, to sewing intricate costumes to making homemade jams, jellies, and candies.

Darla works in clay, wire art, homemade bath products, mixed media art, and Zentangle inspired art.  In October 2011 she became a Certified Zentangle Teacher, and in January 2012 she quit her day job to pursue her passion :)

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