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What I love about Zentangle®

I discovered Zentangle in late 2010 when my mother-in-law sent a starter kit to me.  She had attended a Zentangle class in Atlanta and thought I might enjoy it.  Little did I know where opening that box would lead! 

  • Creativity - it really opens Pandora's Box!  Not only for me, but students frequently tell me stories about how Zentangle has helped them realize they are creative and they try lots of new things they never imagined they could do, and people who already work in another art form tell me how it helps them take a fresh approach to their art!
  • Anyone can do it!  - it really is true - almost anyone can do it.  I've taught Zentangle to people    

     - Age 5 to Age 90

     - From all walks of life - doctors, lawyers, teachers, housewives (aka domestic goddesses), artists, bee keepers, yoga instructors, fitness experts, nurses, corporate types (from executives to entry level), clowns (seriously!), students, small business owners, in a homeless shelter trying to get their lives back on track, and everything in between!

     - Recovering from strokes

     - With OCD, ADD, Autism and Depression

     - Who had teachers tell them they were not creative (wrong!)

  • Relaxation - I get so relaxed doing Zentangle I lose track of time, ask my husband :)  I have groups of friends come in for a girl's night and it's funny when everyone comes in they are chatting, and about half way through class, someone says "we are never this quiet when we are together!"
  • There are no mistakes! - I love it!  Zentangle is not about trying to be perfect or make an exact replica.  There is way more beauty in imperfection anyway!  Zentangle is about being in the moment, enjoying the moment, and the bonus is you have a little piece of art as a result of your time.  I think one of my favorite things about Zentangle is that you can take it and make it what you like.  If we are working on a tangle (pattern) and you are inspired to embellish it your own way - that's ok!  I had a kid who was really into robots - he turned his tangles into robots, or robots eating tangles but he was in the moment, relaxed and having a great time!  How awesome is that?!

What is Zentangle®

Zentangle is an easy to learn, fun and relaxing method of creating beautiful images by drawing structured patterns.   Maria Thomas and Rick Roberts created the Zentangle Method about 10 years ago to share the relaxation and focus you feel as you create a Zentangle.  To learn more about Rick and Maria's story visit www.Zentangle.com

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