Available items

Items are available at the Artists on the Bluff Resident Gallery, White Flowers in Homewood and at the Cathedral of the Advent Bookstore in downtown Birmingham.  You can also visit my studio to purchase pottery.

Check out the new collections - Spanish Roses and the Barcelona Collection.

Tangled Stones Studio


I took a pottery class over 25 years ago and fell in love with it! After many years trying to find a way back to it,  I am so happy to get my hands in the mud again!

I make mostly functional pottery - plates, platters, bowls - but I also enjoy making crosses and hearts!  I love texture and try to find different ways to incorporate it into my pottery.  I use a lot of old fabrics pressed into the clay, I add three dimensional flowers, hearts and borders, and I also carve into the clay.  Every day offers a new opportunity to try something.   I constantly have new ideas of things I want to try!  I need more hours in the day!