Dangles is inspired by Joann Fink's Zenspiration books!  Learn how to dangle and you can add them to anything!  Cards, boxes, furniture and even walls!   $45 includes all supplies including Joann Fink's Dangle Designs and the duration of this class is about 3 hours.

under the sea - it's back!!  

Back by popular demand!!  Under the sea tangles will be completed on paper suitable for framing. The picture doesn't do it justice!  The price is $45 and includes all supplies.  The duration of this class is about 4 hours.

Black Forest

classes descriptions and samples

3D Tangles!   

Some tangles really come to life with shading!  We will learn tangles we can use enhanced shading with to give an almost 3D effect!!  This is an intermediate level class.  $35 includes supplies  Class duration is about 3 hours

Four Week Series - New Format and new tangles

Try Zentangle many different ways!  We will meet weekly for Four Weeks and explore new ideas.  Class is $100 and includes all supplies!  Each class can be taken by itself for $35

Week 1  Tangles on Larger Paper
Week 2  Week 4 Shades of Gray/Zero Drawing
Week 3 Reticula and Fragments
Week 4 Zendalas  ​

Create your own dr seuss inspired coloring pages

This is always a really fun class!  We will let Dr Seuss and his whimsical quotes inspire us to make some fun pages to color!  This class is open to kids who attend with an adult!  The price is $25 and includes supplies!  The class duration is 1 1/2 to 2 hours.

lettering class  

Love how different letter looks on cards, books, paintings, and more?  In this class we will explore different techniques to achieve funky and elegant lettering - fauxligrahpy!  $45 includes all supplies.  This class duration is 3 hours.

UPCOMING CLASS SCHEDULE -   Look below for more detailed descriptions and photos!​  I am always adding classes to the schedule when requested. Check back often!  ​To see class pictures and descriptions, scroll down!


NEW CLASS!  Black Forest

OOH!  I love this one!  I recently learned this one from fellow CZT Yvonne Westover at a conference in Canada!  We will use the black Zentangle tiles with iridescent medium (sparkle!), clear glaze pens and white pens and it is gorgeous!  I'm working on a way to add these to cards!  Fun!!!   $35 includes all supplies

Tuesday December 12 at 10AM or at 6PM

NEW CLASS!! Victorian Inspired Tussie Mussies

I taught this a few years ago and it was so much fun and the paper cones are beautiful!!  $35 includes all supplies!

Wednesday December 13 at 10AM

NEW CLASS!! 3Z Trees

Another one I learned at the conference in Canada!! We will use the 3Z Zentangle tiles (triangles) to create some adorable tangled trees!!  $35 includes supplies

Thursday December 14 at 10AM or 6PM

NEW CLASS! Dingbatz
A new technique to add some pizazz to your Zentangle projects!! $35 includes supplies  Rescheduled for December 19 at 10AM or 6PM

NEW CLASS!!  Christmas Tree Collage

We will create a Christmas Tree out of paper collage and add beads and other elements on a 16" x 20" canvas.  Frame it and use it every year!  $45 includes all supplies

Wednesday December 20 at 10AM

Coloring Page Inspired by Dr Seuss Holiday Family Class

This is a parent and child class!!  Kiddos, bring an adult and we will create a page for you to color inspired by one of Dr Seuss' wonderful quotes!

Thursday, December 21 at 10AM  Price is $25 for the 2 (kid and adult!!)  supplies included!

Private classes for children and adults are also available.  Contact Darla at Darla@tangledstones.com for more information.​

Class registration form

Beginning Zentangle®

Zentangle® is an easy to learn method of creating beautiful images from repetitive patterns. It is fun, relaxing, and anyone can use it to create beautiful pieces of art! It is enjoyed by a wide range of ages and skill levels across the world. During this two hour introductory course, you will learn different tangles in a fun, relaxed atmosphere.  Price is $35 and includes a mini-kit so you can tangle at home! Ages 12 and up (or call for younger students). ​

~~To register for classes Please complete and submit the form below.. If you have any problems, email Darla at Darla@tangledstones.com. I only ask for the phone number in case of a last minute emergency - last winter we had 5" of unexpected snow one afternoon - class was cancelled! Please understand I strive to meet student needs by offering classes at different times throughout the year. However, if there are less than the minimum required for class signed up for a class, the class will be postponed. Always check the website for class changes. Thank you!  ​To see class pictures and descriptions, scroll down!

Zentangle Coasters

Letting Zentangle inspire us, we will create 8 travertine marble coasters!   Two sets of four, or let your imagination run wild!   Great for gifts!!  $45 includes all supplies and the duration of this class is about 3 hours.

3Z Tangles!  New!!

Fresh from Zentangle HQ!  These tiles are triangle shape!!  We will have some fun using the shape and we will add some brown to our color scheme!!  $35 includes supplies!

cross Class

This has been my most popular class!  I'll provide a template for the cross and show you how to fill it with these fabulous tangles.  The class is usually 2 1/2 to 3 hours and includes all supplies.  It is suitable for framing!


In this class we will learn different ways to enhance your Zentangle art, and focus on this new layering effect!  The class will be 2 1/2 to 3 hours long.  All supplies included.

Zentangle dingbatz

In lettering, dingbats are the symbols that are used to enhance your piece - basically everything that isn't a letter or number.  We will keep this in mind as we create flourishes around some basic Zentangle designs and add some pizazz!  $35 includes supplies and the class will run 2 1/2 to 3 hours..

Zentangle® Dragonfly

Zentangle® is an easy to learn method of creating beautiful images from repetitive patterns. It is fun, relaxing, and anyone can use it to create beautiful pieces of art! It is enjoyed by a wide range of ages and skill levels across the world.  I will prepare the background and sketch in the dragonfly for you!!   This one will be ready to frame! We will do the tangles together!  $35 includes all supplies!


3Z Trees

Victorian Inspired Tussie Mussies

Christmas Tree Collage

Tangled Stones Studio