Zentangle® and kids

Kids of all ages love Zentangle!  There's a lot of freedom in the "no mistakes" part of Zentangle.   I love to see kids come in and truly make it their own, take the tangles and do with them what they want to do - it's ok to do your own thing!.   Kids 12+ are welcome in any Zentangle class, and if a parent attends with them, a little younger can attend any class - just give me a call if you have any questions. 

I've taught Zentangle to children as young as 5, for afterschool classes I group elementary age kids together and middle school and above together and teach an array of different tangles, techniques and media.  By keeping classes small, I can keep the curriculum flexible and add little projects as time presents itself. 

It's also fun to have a Zentangle Birthday Party at the studio!

If you are interested in a Zentangle class for kids, please email me at Darla@tangledstones.com.

Tangled Stones Studio