Zentangle® and kids

Kids of all ages love Zentangle!  There's a lot of freedom in the "no mistakes" part of Zentangle.   I love to see kids come in and truly make it their own, take the tangles and do with them what they want to do - it's ok to do your own thing!.   Kids 12+ are welcome in any Zentangle class, and if a parent attends with them, a little younger can attend any class - just give me a call if you have any questions. 

After School Classes are based around Zentangle with an array of different tangles, techniques and media.  By keeping classes small, I can keep the curriculum flexible and add little projects as time presents itself.  We have made hand painted silk scarves, coasters, books, Valentine's Cards, and a whole lot more in past classes!  Ages are 6+ for after school classes

AFTER SCHOOL CLASSES beginning in August classes are $90 per month (4 weeks) paid in advance (or $35 per class).  ATTENDANCE POLICY:  Any class that is missed without notification will be charged the full rate.  If your child has a commitment come up (band concert, field trip, etc.), if you let me know a week in advance I can adjust the schedule and there will be no charge for that class.  If a child is ill and misses class (and you let me know they are ill that day), the first miss per semester will not be charged, but additional misses will be charged at the full rate.  


​I have worked with schools, Girl Scout troops, birthday parties, Sunday School classes and many more groups.  I can custom design a class for your group! 

If you are interested in a Zentangle class for kids, please email me at Darla@tangledstones.com.

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